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Whether you are a fellow designer or blogger, webdesigner, theme creator or creative business owner, all of us have one thing in common: We’re constantly in search of high quality images that represent our brand and visually highlight the content we share with our audience.

Stock photos usually are expensive and come along with several strict guidelines. The Light Painters Loft offers affordable photographs you are free to use wherever and as often as you want and you don’t need to wrack your brain about whether or not to give back credit.

Reach more people and make more sales with a professional appearance of your websites, apps, prints, e-books or whatever you’re creating and sharing with the world. Make your content and designs look unique and stand out from the masses!

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What you get


May it be delicious food, an amazing landscape, architecture or whatever you desire. There is something for everyone.

Thematic Packages

All the pictures come in thematic bundles which makes it especially easy to find exactly the pictures you need.


All photos come in their original size and can be cropped, rotated or used in every way possible to fit into your designs.


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All images can be freely used and edited without giving back credit. For more information view the full license here.