Who’s Behind The Light Painters Loft?

Welcome to The Light Painters Loft, a website that provides you with free to use, high quality stock photography for your Blog, App, Website Template or to show off your epic Graphic Design skills.

I’m Sabrina and I founded The Light Painters Loft in 2015 mainly in order to make use of all of those unused photographs that I collected over time in my life and that slowly piled up on my hard drive.

About Me

I’m a German photographer, blogger, painter, writer and translator with Italian roots, currently living in Athens, Greece. I absolutely love reading books, listening to inspiring podcasts, travelling, writing and eating amazing vegan food. ♥

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Simplicity is Key

As a designer and blogger I know how hard it can be to find great stock photography online that is not only affordable (let alone for free), but also pleasing to the eye and does not come with a bunch of complicated rules and restrictions.
That’s why I offer you every month new, inspiring photographs without absurd licenses, entirely for free.

Do What You Love

I believe that if all people do what they love in life and give their ultimate best at that, what comes out is so much more than just a product. It’s a piece of art that should be shared with the world, for others to learn from it or just simply to enjoy.
That’s exactly what I’m doing here and I encourage you to do so as well. Get the resources you need, built, create, design… simply put: Make some magic!